NACTECH Blog – Tim’s Tech 08/02/2016

Hello again, This week the focus is on Social Support in tech first the idea of social support in tech is using gadgets and technology to reach out to people who are otherwise socially isolated, IE, using tablets to skype/talk to older folks who might not get to speak to anyone other then the occasional visit from a home carer, such is the program being run at Nundah Activity Centre in the DCVS(Digital Community Visitor Scheme) program   some other […]

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NACTECH Blog – Tim’s Tech

Hello, I’ve been asked to start blogging about tech tuff that relates to what we are doing/going to do here at Nundah activity centre one of the projects we have going is using VR, specifically the Oculus rift,   we have had access to a DK1(development kit 1) for a while, and though its been fun a lot of it has been ‘demo’ or ‘experience’ limited apps, hopefully that will begin to change now that the oculus has been offically […]

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Week of 01/02/16 – 05/02/16

Started several new websites including this one fun with Green Geeks. Class subject involved website design continued work on DCVS trouble shooting app started work on DCVS tablet set up guide possibly starting to blog tech/heatlh related stuff on

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Link to the DCVS Trouble shooting guide   also linked on the side bar

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